Habanero Chalupa with Chipotle Black Bean Base, Pepita Salsa and Corn + Cotija

Imagine a healthy version of your Taco Bell favorite?  (Ok, maybe the Taco Bell favorite of your teenage years??)  We took a trip to Trader Joe's to grab some of our favorite Mexican-inspired products in order to show all of you how easy it is to whip up a healthy meal with Bean Smash products.  

We followed the instructions to heat up a container of Bean Smash's Chipotle Black Bean mix, fried a habanero tortilla in a touch of oil, and spread our Bean Smash mix over top to serve.  As if that wasn't enough, sprinkling cheese over the warm black bean base helped to get the cheese melted just right, and frosty corn and cotija mix from the frozen section helped pull it all together!  Oh yeah...and TJ's new pepita salsa is pretty fine, too!

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