MAIN French Lentil Salad with Smoked Fish or Fire Roasted Tomatoes




Yield 4-6 servings

This class French combination is a go-to for me.  If you think you don't like smoked fish, think again!  Not only is canned smoked fish so super healthy (think omega-3s and tons of calcium) but it is inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk when on sale.  

It's delicious even for kids (start 'em early)!  My children literally devour entire tins at a time!  


2 cups WFM French lentils, rinsed and picked over

2 carrots, diced into pea-sized shapes

2 stalks celery, diced into pea-sized shapes

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp smoked sea salt

1 tsp garlic powder

2 Tbsp good quality olive oil

1-2 cans favorite smoked fish (sardines, trout, oysters)*

Dijon mustard, to taste

1 loaf or box of your Favorite bread or cracker (if using bread, sliced into rounds and toast into crostini)



*If vegan or vegetarian, substitute 1 small can of fire roasted tomatoes for a smoky, toothsome addition.


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